Blanket Series

About my "Blanket Series" 

After spending several years in South Africa and travelling through many tribal lands, I found a profound connection to the people and their culture. My first "Blanket Series" focused on tribal textiles and named after the unique tribe they represented. My earliest edition was sponsored my Disney to be shown at Fasco Gallery in Kansas City MO for the opening of the Broadway play "The Lion King". 

As years passed, I began to play with color theory and a more modern approach to my "Blankets" still referring to them as glass textiles, they will always be considered as my roots to the land, my experiences and time spent in Southern Africa.  As shown, these glass panels are made from fused hot-glass elements melted within a large kiln. All panels are 40"x40" in size (though I customize to clients needs). A single panel of glass can take up to one month to produce aa all glass is handmade.

In Color Studios